Festival dates: March 31st -  April 1st 2023.    Deadline for accepting the competition works: March 12th 2023

Gran Prix PAF Tachov 2016

Sailing aboard the S.M.Y. ONDINA you will have the opportunity to explore the most exotic and remote islands of this unique country, places where you would possibly find extremely difficult to get by yourself.

VI. Diving bal - Awards PAF Tachov 19.3. 2016

Diving feared - awards
The final festival evening March 19th 8 PM.

PAF Tachov 18. - 20.3. 2016

38th year of the International Festival of Underwater Photography, Films and Children´s Artwork

Reportage PAF Tachov 2015

Reportage PAF Tachov 2015

Results PAF Tachov 2015

PAF Tachov 2015 results

Gallery of winning photos: http://apl.paftachov.cz/www/front/winners



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