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Congratulations to all awarded authors
and many thanks to all participants and supporters of the PAF Tachov Festival.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 47th PAF Tachov which will take place on April 5th 2025.


Category FILM

Grand Prix
Nikolausz Marcell DE The fish with red eyes

Diver amateurish film
1 Schumacher Andreas DE Sunken Treasures of Love
2 Schaschl Alfred AT The Magic Triangle
3 Jägerová Světlana CZ Tygří žralok

Diver professional film
1 Guthknecht Florian DE Supergras
2 Espla Caroline & Jerome FR Just below the surface
3 Faber Ronald NL The New Coast

Professional film about water 
1 Habrman Hugo CZ Krkonoše - Živá pokladnice přírody
2 Schmitt Claudia DE Hans Hass - Pioneer of The deep
3 Castellvi Josep Maria ES Chasing the Granuja

Audiovisual presentation
1 Caricato Maurilio IT The secret of the lighthouse
2 Cremone Pietro IT Dancing in the dark
3 Drago Domenico IT The silence of the sirens

2024 GP a TP

Category PHOTO

Author's portfolio

Top Photographer ifj. Lőrincz Ferenc HU
2 Apuleo Mauro IT
3 Tulli Franco IT

2024 sada cen A

Black and white photo
1 Cremone Pietro IT MantaRay
2 Scortegagna Stefano IT Clown Frogfish Circus
3 Helmut Theiss DE Lembeh Hairy

Fresch water photo
1 ifj. Lőrincz Ferenc HU Carp Love
2 Rooman Luc BE Frog
3 Peter Schultes DE Freshwwater_3

Photo of seas and oceans
1 Apuleo Mauro IT Mauro Apuleo
2 Scortegagna Stefano IT Clown Frogfish
3 Marchione Giacomo IT The hunter

Swimming pool and creative photo
1 Štros Michal CZ Ornate ghost pipefish
2 Stiewing Peter DE new born talent
3 Scortegagna Stefano IT Sexy underwater games

Gallery of winning photos

The best Czhech's authors in the category portfolio
Urbánek Michal CZ
Benc Milan CZ
Vychodil Ivan CZ

The best Czhech's authorts in category Photo seas and oceans
Vychodil Ivan CZ Kreveta Periclimenes colemani

Child viewer award – choise
Tibitancl František CZ Šampión

Category Cartoon humor

1 Petr Pohludka CZ
2 Sidonius Jiro CZ
3 Emil Šourek CZ

Category Children's arts 

Painting, drawing, grafics (6 – 12  years)
1 Hüblerová Soňa
2 Líbal Jaroslav
3 Dorosh Yeva

Ceramics (6 – 12 years)
1 Škudrnová Julie
2 Semykopenko Darinka
3 Pimperová Viktorie

Painting, drawing, grafics (13 – 18 years)
1 Cabrnochová Natálie
2 Brožková Teodora
3 Krausová Julie

Ceramics (13 – 18 years)
1 Fouňová Marie
2 Márová Markéta
3 Sláma Ondřej

The art for diploma background PAF 2024
Stauberova Natalia

2024 Diplom ukazka