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Congratulations to all awarded authors
and many thanks to all participants and supporters of the PAF Tachov Festival.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 47th PAF Tachov which will take place on April 5th 2025.


Friday, April 19th

Museum of the Bohemian Forest in Tachov

18:00     We are fans of fish. – Opening of an exhibition of photographs by Klára Kašparová.


Communal area Mže in Tachov

08:00 – 12:00  Festival morning for primary school pupils in Tachov.


19:00     Opening of the Mže social complex

19:30     Screening of competition films

  • Amazing show - Gaetano Anzalone
  • Ticho sirén - Domenico Drago
  • Dancing in the dark -Pietro Cremone
  • Tajemství majáku - Maurilio Caricato
  • Unborn - Sasha Maria Speer
  • Supergras - Florian Guthknecht
  • The new coast - Ronald Faber

Admission to the Friday evening program is free. Saturday all-day admission to the cinema and lectures 200 CZK. Free admission to the exhibition and art competition for children. For competing authors, to all events, free entry.



Saturday, April 20th

Communal area Mže in Tachov

Exhibition of nominated photographs.      Exhibition of children's art.      Cartoon Exhibition.

Cinema cafe – vestibule

09:00 – 18:00      Projection loop of all competition photos

09:00 – 15:00      Paint Your Own Picture – an art competition for children up to 15 years of age.


Cinema Hall

09:00     Screening of competition films 

  • The critter capital of the world - Jo De Smedt
  • The dance - Roy Davidson
  • Marine turtles - Tashin Ceylan
  • Secret bay camouflage - Vincente Leal Juan
  • Zaříkávač Andre Hartman - Miroslav Náplava
  • Projekce soutěžních fotografií – kategorie „Portfolio“

 11:00     Evaluation and awarding of prizes of the children's art competition

Lecture: "How to make a successful comedy – easy, fast and almost free." - Rudolf Tomšů
. In the second part of the lecture, a film screening about the Světce Riding School, which was declared the "Monument of the Year 2023 in the Czech Republic" last week.

              Screening of competition films

  • The magic triangle - Alfred Schaschl
  • Sunken Treasures of Love - Andreas Schumacher
  • Sudan 2023 The Sanqaneb atol - Agliani Maurizio
  • Chasing the Granuja - Josep Maria Castellvi

13:00     Lecture
Main activity of police divers – Radek Neuvirt
Presentation of individual activities, interventions, procedures and techniques used, police divers of the Department of Special Diving Activities and Training of the Police of the Czech Republic.

              Screening of competition films

  • Tygří žralok - Světlana Jägerová
  • Hans Hass - Pioneer of the Deep - Claudia Schmitt

15:00     Introduction of the authors, handing over of traditional festival plaques to the participating    photographers and filmmakers.

Lecture Diving in Indonesia – Jiří Hruška

Presentation of the most interesting dive sites and their inhabitants.

              Screening of competition films

  • The fish with red eyes - Marcell Nikolausz
  • Krkonoše živá pokladnice přírody - Hugo Habrman
  • Just below the surface - Caroline, Jerome Espla

20:00     Diving feast

Presentation of prizes to the award-winning authors.
To dance and listen, the Golden wind Duo plays. During the evening, the Tadiboa dance group will perform. Rich raffle. Admission: 350 CZK

Organiser: Divers Association of the Czech Republic

Project partners: City of Tachov, Tachov Municipal Cultural Centre, Museum of the Bohemian Forest in Tachov