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Congratulations to all awarded authors
and many thanks to all participants and supporters of the PAF Tachov Festival.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 47th PAF Tachov which will take place on April 5th 2025.

62 filmů, fotografie od 146 autorů z 27 zemí, 6 přednášek,
tvorba od 348 dětských výtvarníků, výstava kresleného humoru.
To vše můžete zhlédnout ve dnech 31. března - 1. dubna 2023 ve Společenském areálu Mže v Tachově.

PAF Tachov 2023          

45th year of international festival of underwater photography, film, and children’s artwork.

Films and photographs by 146 authors from 27 countries, 6 lectures, art from 342 children and exhibition of cartoon humor. All of this can be seen on 31 March - April 1, 2023 in the community hall Mže in Tachov.

Program                                           31st of March – 1st of April 2023

Friday 31st of March

Museum Českého lesa in Tachov

18:00     Magical world. – vernissage author’s exhibition of photos by Hynek Kašpar.    


Community hall Mže in Tachov

08:00     Festivals afternoon for students of Basic schools in Tachov.


19:30     Ceremonial opening of the festival

  • Ceremonial opening in newly reconstructed community hall Mže.
  • Performance of Ledecka bagpipe music.
  • Lecture: Pavol Kráľ – History of diving in Tatra lakes.
  • Michal Procházka – Ptačí ostrov
  • Tahsin Ceylan – Pandemia at Sea

Saturday 1st of April  

Community hall Mže in Tachov

Exhibition of nominated photos.

Exhibition of children's artwork.

09:00 Morning festival block

  • Jose Carlos – Black water
  • Johannes Heldens – The meteorite
  • Pavol Kráľ – V dosahu hlbočiny
  • Michal Müller – Podzim není jen jedna roční doba
  • Jonathan Lovell-Knight – The Threshers of Malapasqua
  • Václav Kechner – Tenkrát v Africe
  • Julio Junquera – The wales dream
  • Projekce fotografií – kategorie autorská portfolia
  • Antonio Maugeri, Pierangelo Pirak – Sea of legends - The sttrait of Messina
  • Evaluation and presentation of prizes of the children's art competition.
  • Lecture: Jaroslav Knotek – VD Labská.
  • Joachim Lingelbach – Farawell from Lobejun
  • Martin Strmiska – Posadnutosť


13:00 Afternoon festival block

  • Lecture: Mgr. Jiří Chlevišťan – Ves Butov from the point of view of underwater archaeology.
  • Juan Francisco Rodriquez – Seasons in the Pacific Northwest
  • Světlana Jägerová – Mexico 2022 TOP freediving
  • Lecture: Richard Jaroněk – Africa Unlimited.
  • Vanessa Ker – GROWING CORALS
  • Miroslav Náplava – Akvanaut Pavel Gross
  • Lecture: Otakar Klepš – How hackers do IT, are you safe behind the monitor?
  • Vincente Leal Juan – Fragile
  • Claudia, Hendrik Schmitt – The shark with Thousand Names
  • Lecture: Michal Štros "Creative underwater photography".
  • Ilse de Gent, Danny Van Belle, Shari Rosiers – Nothing is what it seems

Festival’s entrance fee for all the above-mentioned programs is 200 CZK.
Free entry for authors.

20:00     Diving, Community Ball of town Tachov

Miroslav Novotný Dance Orchestra from Pilsen will be entertaining us with their music. Štěpán Šmíd, the champion of the Czech Republic in micromagic, will perform his craft. The price includes a welcome drink and a rich banquet. Required Dress code: Semi formal.

Entrance fee for the ball is 750 CZK



Organizer: Divers Union of Czech Republic

Project partners: Town Tachov, Towns cultural center Tachov, Museum Českého lesa in Tachov