Program of projections and lectures - PAF Tachov 2018

PAF Tachov Festival 2018 - Program of projections and lectures

Friday 23rd of March

Museum Českého lesa in Tachov

18:00     Vernissage of an exhibition of historical diving gear

Vernissage of unique exhibition of historical diving gear including first manual air pumps, heavy diving suites, diving suit helmets and many more exhibits from collections of private collectors. Many of these exhibits will be possible to see only at this exhibition since it’s been specifically put together for jubilee 40th year of the festival.

The exhibition will be open from 23rd till 27th of March 2018 at the museum Českého lesa.

18:00     Vernissage of selling exhibition of photographs – Olga Kamenskaya / Art of Baikal

The author has been awarded many times for hers photographs of nature and underwater. O. Kamenskaya was awarded national prize: Golden Eye of Russian union of journalists and international union of professional photographers of Russia in 2017. The main theme of author’s work has been lake Baikal for last 10 years. She started to work on Baikal’s project in 2007. O. Kamenskaya published book: Baikal – rule of water and ice, in 2010, which has been awarded by national prize: “Underwater world”.

Common halls of Mže building

8:00       Exhibition of competing photographs

There have been chosen 150 photographs to be in the exhibition, which is just a fraction from all of 800 photos sent to the competition. This year we had almost 100 authors from 20 countries.

All the remaining photos will be projected in a loop on a large TV monitor situated in the lobby of the premises.

8:00, 9:15, 10:30 Three projection blocks and lecture for schools

Lecture of prof. RNDr. Adam Petrusek, Ph.D. - Invertebrates of our waters (in other words: what lives under surface of our waters except of fish)

Hydrobiologist from the Charles University of natural science will present common creatures living in Czech still and flowing waters. Even though they unfairly stay “in shadows” of fish (often being their food), many of them have very interesting life – plus it’s easy to catch them!

11:00 – 15:00     Session of presidium of Czech divers union

14:00 – 17:00     General meeting of Company for historical diving in CZ

20:00     Official start of the festival       


Book Launch of: Tachov z nebe


                Lecture of MUDr. Pavel Macura – Diving accidents and their prevention, DAN EUROPE

Diving sport is experiencing big boom in last few years. Number of amateur divers is increasing more and more. Diving is for them just a side thing and they do it without complete realization of its dangers. Goal of this lecture is to inform the audience of possible cause of diving accidents and to try to minimalize number of deaths, which is caused by doing this sport every year.

20:45     Projecting block I.

  1. Raja Ampat                                             DEU       Milan CZAPAY
  2. Western Cape / Západní mys                                          BEL         Filip Staes
  3. Uncontaminated Paradise / Nekontaminovaný ráj        ITA         Massimo Giorgetta
  4. "Lautlose Freiheit" / "Tichá svoboda"                                 DEU       Jorg Böttcher
  5. Sleeping Volcano Island / Ostrov spící sopky                 Katalánsko / Carlos Virgili
  6. Art meets art / Umění se setkává s uměním                 BEL         Jo de Smedt
  7. What I like about Statia / Co mám rád na Statii                 NLD       John Van Lent
  8. Pearl Mullet / Parmice perleťová                                TUR       Tashin Ceylan
  9. The Hunt / Lovec                                                                DEU       Ulf Marquardt
  10. The Little Angler / Malý rybář                                                MUS      Olivier Van Den Broeck
  11. Udo                                                                                               DEU       Jorg Böttcher
  12. Wild Caribbean - rythms of life/Divoký Karibik - rytmy života / DEU Florian Guthknecht

Saturday 24th of March 2018        

8:00 – 16:30 Exhibition of competing photographs

There have been chosen 150 photographs to be in the exhibition, which is just a fraction from all of 800 photos sent to the competition. This year we had almost 100 authors from 20 countries.

Viewer’s rating: Visitors can vote for 3 photographs, which they liked the most at the exhibition.

All the remaining photos will be projected in a loop on a large TV monitor situated in the lobby of the premises.

9:00 – 15:00        Children’s artwork competition – Draw your photograph

                Come to the exhibition choose on of the photographs and draw it.

The competition is for children till 15 years of age. Art supplies, professional supervision and rewards for children is secured.

The authors of the best work will be awarded and their work will be published on festival’s website. Handing out of awards will take place in the big hall (where the exhibition takes place) at 15:30.

There will be bouncy castle available for kids.

9:00       Projecting block II.

  1. Chceme najít LOTA LOTA                                                DEU       Cathrin a Michael Müller
  2. Bali 2014                                                                                POL        Wladyslaw Jefimow
  3. EGGS / Vejce                                                                                BEL         Jean Jacques Rietjens
  4. Pisciforms / Tvary ryb                                                                MUS      Olivier & Greet Van Den Broeck
  5. No rytmus time to waste / Neztrácet čas                 NLD       John Van Lent
  6. Havaiki and the 4 elements of nature / Havaiki a 4 prvky přírody / NLD John Van Lent
  7. Strach má velké zuby                                                                CZE        Miroslav Náplava - Srdcaři
  8. PNG Diving / PNG potápění                                                DEU       Milan Czapay
  9. Calypso                                                                                               ITA         Gaetano Anzalone


11:00     Handing out of awards – Children’s artwork competition / Painting    

Mexiko Yukatan freediving / Mexiko Yukatán volné potápění na nádech / CZE Světlana Jägerová

                Handing out of awards – Children’s artwork competition / Ceramics    


11:30     Lecture Lucie Drlíková – Between sharks in a dress

Significant underwater photographer Lucie Drlíková will reveal some of secrets from her underwater workshop and also from preparations of her unique project: Waterland Dreams and book Galateia.


12:15     Projecting block III.

  1. Authors portfolio – Comprehensive collection of photographs of 57 photographers from 19 countries
  2. Handing out of commemorative plaques to all participating film makers and photographers


13:00     Lecture RNDr. Peter Áč, PhD - Danube, its inland river delta – transformation and present time

Character of biotope of Danube river delta was changed by building water structure Gabčíkovo and after that even species composition of water animals changed. Some species of fish disappear, newly introduced and invasive species successfully spread. New species are increasing. Author will present in his commented presentation many animal species and intimate probe into their lives and also changes of the environment.

14:00     Projecting block IV.

  1. Underwater wilderness / Podvodní divočina                 HUN      Lerner Balazs

15:00     Lecture Richard Konkolski – My mistresses NIKE or in other words alone at the sea but not lost

Richard Konkolski had over a thousand lectures in Czech, Moravia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, South Africa, England, Australia and USA. At this year PAF Tachov festival we will get a chance travel across oceans and seas with this world known seafarer.


16:00     Projecting block V.

  1. Piruety morských gigantov / Piruety mořských velikánů DEU       Milan Czapay
  2. Underwater nightmare /Podvodní noční můra ITA         Leonardo Sergiani
  3. Vltava - I nejmenší pramen zpívá                                CZE        Josef Krček
  4. Der Donaulachs kehrt zurück / Návrat hlavatky podunajské / DEU Florian Guthknecht
  5. Cor a Henk                                                                               NDL       Edward Snijders