Date of the Festival PAF Tachov is June 10. - 12. 2022.  The deadline for accepting a Films and  Photography is May 28, 2022. 

Winning photo disqualification

Dear competitors and all the fan of PAF Tachov festival,

We would like to announce, that thanks to one of our competitor notices, we must disqualify one of the winning photographs from this year competition. Because of the following rule (11.), photography Cenote Angelit from Mr. Damir Zurub will be disqualify and winner ranking will be change accordingly. This photograph was already attending PAF Tachov competition in 2020 under the name In the deep jungle.


11. To the competition can be sent only photos, which haven’t been used in the PAF Tachov festival before.

 We would like to apology to all competitors for this mistake and also ask all photographers to check their work before submitting them.

 Best regards
 Bohumír Kráčmar
 President of the PAF Tachov festival
 2020 / 2022
Zurub 2020 2022         Zurub 2022
New winning rank in category 5.2 Fresh water is following:
1.         Rooman Luc                           Mating frogs
2.         Thomas van Puymbroeck       Mating toads under…
3.         Thiel Michael                         Freshwater wrecksite           
Befor and New winning rank
before discqua
New order



Primda Erb