Detailed program of projections and lectures PAF Tachov 2019


Friday 1st of March

Museum Českého lesa in Tachov

18:00        Vernissage of author's photo exhibition  - Veronika Matějková - „Silent places”. The exhibition will be open until 14th of April. Museum visiting hours: Daily including Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 to 16:00.

Cinema Mže

08:00 - 12:00 Festival films and a lecture for students of schools in Tachov

20:00        Festival's nominated films / block I.

Paľo Král                 SK              Clear waters - Vysoké Tatry

Anzalone Gaetano  IT     Colapesce

Boettcher Joerg      DE    Flussgeschichten (Riverstories)


Cinema Mže

20:45        Ing. Oldřich Lukš    60th anniversary of the 1st edition of J. Y. Cousteaua's „The World of Silence“

This year, we will remind ourselves of 60 years since first edition of JYC „The world of silence“ was published. It will be presented in Czech language. This undemandingly engaging and interesting publication immediately attracted hundreds of thousands of people around the world and it became an inspiration for those who are interested in the world in, not only under the seas and oceans, but also rivers, ponds and other freshwater reservoirs.

Part of the lecture will be screening of the original film the World of Silence - 1956, directed by  Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Louis Malle. Awards: Golden Palm, Oscar for the best feature film documentary.

Saturday 2nd of March

Event hall Mže

09:00 - 17:00            - Exhibition of 150 nominated contest photos.

09:00 - 15:00            Draw your photo.

Children's art workshop. Children will choose one of the exhibited photos to draw it or sculpture it. Drawings will be evaluated on the same day and award will be given to the successful authors at 15:30. Professional supervision and art supplies will be provided.

Bouncy castle for children - free of charge.


20:00        Diving ball

Gala evening, with the announcement of the winners and hand over of the awards to the authors. There will be band Los Pavlínos, dancing show of Rinas Company, tasty banquet and a raffle.


Cinema Mže

09:00        Festival's nominated films / block II.

Claudia  Schmitt      DE    The Patterns of the Ocean – Protecting Indonesia’s Manta Rays

Turpin Elodie           ES     The Angel's Secrets

Staes Filip                BE    950 meters above sealevel

11:15        Evaluation of children's art contest

                  Festival's nominated films / block III. 

Tutoky  Jan              CZ    Blues of great white shark

Czapay Milan           DE    Protect these treasures

Tahsin Ceylan          TR    Underwater Paradise Antalyayoutube

Bruno Van Saen       BE    Dive around Bali

Luc Rooman             BE    Perfect

Kateřina Černá         CZ    Beauty of Philippines under the surface

14:00        Festival's nominated films / block IV.

Jägerová Světlana   CZ    Diver and animal

Czapay Milan           DE    La orana Tahiti (Pozdrav z Tahiti)

14:30        Portfolios - projection of authors series of photos

15:00        Festival's nominated films / block V.

Karel Zámečník        CZ    Galapagos

Anzalone Gaetano     IT     Raja Ampat

Claudia  Schmitt       DE    Fragile - Why turtle hatchlings need the sea

16:15        Festival's nominated films / block VI.

Claudia Schmitt       DE    Raja Ampat – Indonesia’s Great Diving Adventure

Milorad Djuknic       RS    Triton Trumpete

Drago Domenico       IT     I am not a poet

Edward Snijders       NL    Manta Point Addu

Carlos Virgili             ES     Aqualiens

Ronald Faber            NL    Homarus Zeelandica


Cinema Mže

10:30        Mgr. Bára Machová - European discoveries in the light of modern methods of underwater archeology.

Underwater archeology is booming, which can be attributed to dynamic technological development. We got from analogue records to digital procesing thanks to modern methods. This had an effect not only on amount of extracted data but also on a possibility of presenting underwater cultural heritage to a public. The lecturer will present to public selection of the most interesting European projects.

13:15        Miroslav Lukáš - History and present survey of Abyss of Hranice.

Abyss of Hranice is located close to city Přerov. The abbys is 404 meters deep according to the last measurement in 2016. This makes it the deepest flooded cave in the world!

15:30        Rostislav Štefánek - Stories under the water.

Immers yourself with Rostislav Štefanek under the surface of our ponds sand-pits and rivers, where can be found various natural events hidden to ordinary human eyes. The author will present his photos and videos of this mysterious "universe" to the audience. You can look forward to pictures of Czech amphibians, reptiles, fish and other aquatic animals.